It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner. Spring cleaning may be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun! Here’s what we suggest you do to make your spring cleaning something to look forward to.

Prepare Your Mind and Organize Tasks

Cleaning is less stressful when you have a plan. Start by making a quick list of everything you hope to accomplish when you’re cleaning. Organize your list by room and then by task. Number the different items in the order that you’d like to do them, then estimate how much time each task will take.

Give yourself a little extra time for each task, in case the work takes more time than you expect. Then, set aside the amount of time you’ll need for your spring cleaning project. You may need to spread your work out over a couple of days. Be realistic as you’re scheduling your workload each day, so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

As you start to clean, check the items that you’ve accomplished off your list. You’ll get a little thrill every time you finish something new, and you’ll feel better about your project as you start to see the number of tasks get smaller and smaller.

Listen to Something

With a comprehensive list made, you won’t need to think very hard about the work that you’re trying to do. This means you can focus on something else as the tasks get underway. Find a great playlist, audiobook, or podcast to listen to while you’re doing the work. Not sure what you want to hear? Check out our audio suggestions in a previous blog post.

Reward Yourself

As you get work done, you’ll naturally start to get a little tired. Make a system of rewards for accomplishing tasks. This will help you stay motivated and will give you something to work toward. You can base your rewards on the room or task, whatever makes sense for your project.

Hire Professional Help

The best way to make the whole spring cleaning process enjoyable is to hire someone else to do it! Hire Swept Away to help with your spring cleaning project this spring.

We offer a range of cleaning services and can help you with deep cleaning, the decluttering and any other house related tasks. We offer free estimates, so contact us today to get started with your spring cleaning.