Does your productivity tend to lag in the winter? Do you find yourself wandering your house, listlessly wishing you could think of something to do or that you could spend time outside? Winters don’t have to be this way. With some smart planning and a little motivation, you can turn your winter into a useful, productive time.

Plan and Budget for Warm Weather Projects

Many homeowners spring into action as soon as the weather warms up. When this happens, they find themselves planting a garden, addressing maintenance problems, and even remodeling their home. If you’re hoping to accomplish such tasks this spring and summer, start planning now.

Create a timeline for getting work done, and mark your calendar to ensure that you’ve got days blocked off for doing the work. Start a budget, too, and if you need to save for upcoming projects, start saving now. Write down your plan, so you won’t forget. Go over your plan with other members of your household to ensure that you have buy-in from the most important people in your life.

Keep Your Space Tidy

Don’t wait until spring comes to get to your spring-cleaning projects. Start them now! start decluttering to keep your space tidy and make everyday cleaning easier. Decluttering takes time, so even if decluttering was on your list of things to do this spring, there’s no time like the present to get started with your project.

Begin with parts of your house where you’ve got a large stored-up supply of old things you never use or look at. Your shed or garage may be a good starting point. It’s in these places where you can get a lot of bang for your buck with every bin you sort through. Move into more challenging parts of your house after that.

Utilize Extra Cold Days

Make a list of indoor chores to perform on extra-cold days. Clean your curtains, dust your ceiling fan, clean under the bed, and so on. This is the perfect thing to get done when it’s too cold to go outside.

Hire Help

Get more done with the “divide and conquer” method. Hire someone to help around the house. If you’re looking for professional cleaners to help in parts of the house like the kitchen and bathroom, contact Swept Away for a free quote to get your cleaning done.