Cleaning isn’t always fun…unless you can make it fun by entertaining your brain in the process. If you can find the right music to listen to or feed your brain with a podcast or good conversation, you can make cleaning the best part of your day! Here’s what we recommend to make the time fly.


Podcasts are so much fun! From comedy shows to documentary-style and news-related podcasts, there are a million different broadcasts to choose from.
Where can you find podcasts to listen to?

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, and others feature extensive libraries of podcast shows. Find a preferred podcast aggregator that collects and automatically downloads your favorite podcasts, so you don’t have to go hunting for your favorite podcasts every time you want to listen. Explore topics by category and choose the one most appealing to you.

Want some suggestions?

  • This American Life. This NPR podcast is a weekly public radio show downloaded by 2.5 million people every week, and winner of all the major broadcasting awards. This journalistic, non-fiction program tells delightful stories each week. It was first broadcast in the mid-90s, so if you love what you hear, you can listen to the entire library going back decades.
  • Ologies with Alie Ward. This is a weekly science podcast featuring interviews with a new “ologist” from different scientific fields. The podcast is educational and entertaining.
  • Witness History. Straight from the BBC, Witness History episodes feature short interviews with people who have witnessed famous events in history. Episodes tend to be about 10 minutes long, so this show is perfect if you’re doing some quick cleaning up before bedtime.


Music stimulates emotions and gets the blood pumping! Listen to the music you love most by collecting a music library on your smartphone or sign up for any one of the services that will play your music the way you want to hear it. Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora Radio are great places to find playlists to jam to.

Have a record player? Play tunes from your record player for a more retro vibe. Some classic jazz, 80’s rock, or country western from the 1950s are all great choices for entertaining yourself while cleaning.


Use Spotify or a library app to find a book that you’ve been wanting to read. You won’t believe how quickly the time flies as you’re listening to engrossing audiobooks to your heart’s content. Platforms like Audible and Kindle (downloaded through Amazon) have an extensive library of books for you to browse.

Call a Friend or Family Member

Cleaning time is a great time to multitask and catch up with a loved one. Put in the earbuds, place your phone in your back pocket, then talk on the phone while you clean, clean, clean. Cleaning doesn’t take much mental energy, so you can easily stay focused on the conversation.

Don’t Want to Clean? Call the Professionals

Spend even more time feeling entertained – and less time worrying about cleaning! Call the professionals at Swept Away. Fill out our online form to request a quote, and find out how inexpensive house cleaning can be!