Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. It helps to have a plan, get rid of clutter first, take an organized approach, and address issues of indoor air quality as you go along. In this post, we’ll give suggestions that can help make your spring cleaning experience less overwhelming and more productive.

Create a Schedule

Set aside several days for cleaning, then create a schedule to get the work done. Make a list of everything you plan to get done, then break up those tasks by day.

Create a check list for each day that you plan to work. Leave space on each list for the last-minute things you’ll add to it as you get into the cleaning process.

Not sure what needs to get done first, second, third, and so on? We’ve made a checklist online for your convenience. Check it out!

Declutter First

Clutter makes spring cleaning especially hard. Start by decluttering all unessential items. Clutter can take many forms, so get rid of as much of it as you can.

Bills, old magazines, clothes you no longer wear, scraps of paper, old shoes, even furniture you don’t need: all can be considered clutter. Give away or donate what you can. Only throw away those things that you can’t recycle or reuse.

Work from Top to Bottom

Start at the top of your house (attic) and work your way down. Working from top to bottom helps you proceed in an orderly fashion, and helps ensure that you won’t forget a room.

Don’t Forget Air Quality

Your home’s HVAC system can get dirty over time. When it does, the air ducts can fill with dust. When you run your air conditioner or furnace, the ducts will circulate dust throughout your house, causing your newly cleaned surfaces to get dirty all over again.

You can prevent this from happening by replacing your HVAC filter. These filters need to be replaced every three months or so when your HVAC system is in use. If your HVAC air filter hasn’t been replaced recently, then it’s time. If you’re allergic to small particles, consider replacing your current filter with a HEPA filter.

Hire Professional Help

The best way to ensure that you’ll get your spring cleaning done with minimal effort is to hire help. Hire a cleaning person to take over the dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and more. Contact Swept Away in Cincinnati for a free estimate.