Cleaning is something that many people enjoy doing – but why? There are many reasons. In addition to the fact that cleaning accomplishes a goal, it can also be good for your mental and physical health. Do you need some motivation to get your house cleaned? See all the reasons we love to clean at Swept Away!

Feeling of Accomplishment

When you’re done cleaning your house, you should feel a sense of accomplishment, because you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor right in front of you. With the floor cleaned up, the laundry put away, the bathrooms cleaned and the kitchen sparkling, you can feel that you’ve been productive, which can help make you feel good about yourself.


Cleaning can be relaxing. Unlike activities such as taking care of the kids, making a new recipe, going to work meetings and managing a busy adult schedule, cleaning is a straightforward task that involves minimal stress and few difficult decisions. If you’re hoping to get something done and want to relax at the same time, try cleaning!

It’s a Mental Break from Hard Thought

Do you spend a lot of your day thinking deep thoughts or trying to solve challenging problems? Cleaning is a break from that kind of activity! If you’re tired of thinking hard about anything, take some time to clean. Your brain will get a break while your house gets clean.

You Can Listen to A Podcast or Good Music

People who love to clean often say they enjoy listening to a good podcast or their favorite music while they’re getting the work done. Cleaning is a great opportunity to listen to something interesting because the act of cleaning doesn’t require enough thought to distract you from whatever you’re listening to.

Improve Your Mental Health and Focus

All of that relaxation and the fun of listening to something interesting can help improve your mental health and ability to focus. After an hour or two of cleaning, you should feel good about yourself and be ready to focus on more difficult things again.

Not Convinced? Hire a Professional.

You don’t have to love cleaning, so you can hire professionals to do it for you! At Swept Away, we offer professional cleaning services at affordable prices. Contact us today to get a free quote.