Easy chores are great picks to give to your children and teens. If you’re tired of cleaning the house yourself, get help by giving your family members one of these five easy chores to do.

1. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters

Counters show dirt easily. If you get in the habit of wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters once a day, it’s amazing how much neater the whole house will look. Wipe crumbs off the surfaces with a dry cloth, then apply a cleaning product. Don’t overlook things like handles or faucets, where germs tend to congregate.

2. Empty trash cans

Tying up the trash cans is the easiest of chores. When you keep spare trash bags in the bottom of the bin, it’s even easier for little hands to take out the trash and put in a new bag.

3. Clean windows around the house

While you might want to hire a professional window washer to clean the outside of the windows, cleaning the inside of the glass is super simple. For an efficient way to clean the windows, spray on a cleaning solution. Then squeegee it off. Wipe it dry with an old newspaper or paper towels to prevent streaks.

4. Start a load of laundry

If you have five minutes, you can put in a load of laundry. Just make sure to separate lights from darks and use a stain treatment on tough spots. Bonus points if you put the wash into the dryer when it finishes and fold the laundry afterward.

5. Load and unload the dishwasher

The cook shouldn’t have to load or unload the dishwasher! It’s simple to load the dishwasher and to unload it, though small children might not be tall enough to reach cabinet shelves. When you load and unload the dishwasher regularly, the counters will be clutter-free. The kitchen will look much neater as a result.

Make it easy for family members to help out with these tasks by showing them how you do it. Then let them take ownership of the task. When they handle one easy chore every single day, they’ll help keep the home looking clean.

If you need more help creating a neat home, reach out today to get a free estimate for house cleaning.