Is it worth it to budget for a cleaning service? For many families, the answer is a resounding yes! Budgeting for a cleaning service helps ensure that your house stays clean while also giving you back the gift of time – time you can spend with loved ones, with your children, with friends, and even neighbors. If you’d like a cleaning service, but you’re not sure if you can afford one, here’s how you can fit a cleaning service into your budget.

Create an Annual Family Budget

Start by creating an annual family budget. Include regular monthly expenses and ones that hit annually. This includes car insurance, homeowners insurance, groceries, utilities, holiday expenses, and more.

This is one of the most difficult parts of creating a budget because it’s hard to realistically gauge how much you’re spending on normal expenses. It helps to go back and look at receipts and old bills. Keep a spreadsheet that can help you gauge how much you’ve spent on certain expenses and when you’re over budget.

Cut Extra Expenses

Are there any subscription services you no longer use? Cancel them. Decrease your grocery bill by looking for inexpensive alternatives to the foods you eat and cut out anything that you don’t eat regularly.

Get a Quote for Cleaning Services

You can’t budget for a cleaning service until you know how much they’ll cost per month, how many times they’ll come, and more. Shop around for cleaning services to get quotes, but don’t shop entirely by price.

It’s important to choose a reputable cleaning service with good references, lots of experience and skilled employees. Remember, the service will be in your home, so it’s imperative that you can trust them.

Consider the Value of Your Time

Paying for a cleaning service is a big step, so it’s also important to take into consideration all the things you could do with the added time that a cleaning service gives you. If you could spend less of your time cleaning and more of your time enjoying yourself, what would you do?

Some people might garden, or play with their children. Some people might even use that extra time to go back to school, further their education, and gain advances in their careers. There’s no limit to how much cleaning you can do, so there’s no limit to the amount of time you can save with a cleaning service!

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