The new year is coming! It’s time to get your home ready for 2022 – and start some good cleaning habits that will carry you into the new year. By spending a few minutes each day cleaning your home, you can avoid a big mess and keep your home feeling clean, spacious, and comfortable.

Declutter the Highest Traffic Room

In most homes, the highest traffic rooms are the living room, kitchen, and/or den. These rooms can get messy quickly because they’re used so often. Once they get cluttered, they can also start to feel claustrophobic.

Make your high-traffic areas feel better and look better by taking a little time each day to declutter. Within just a few days, you’ll start to notice a difference. Eventually, your high-traffic areas will feel just as comfortable and clean as any other part of the house.

Use Your “Backup Items”

Maybe you have extra toothpaste tubes that you keep in the closet but never use. Perhaps you have bags of pasta that are nearing their expiration date. Whatever your “backup items” are – find them, make a list of them, and then start using them slowly. This will help make space in your closets and pantry.

Clear Surfaces Of Rarely-Used Items

Take a look at all the surfaces in your home and make a note of those items you rarely use. Clear your surfaces of these rarely-used items to add to the feeling of spaciousness and organization.

This is an especially helpful task in rooms like the kitchen, where counters can easily become covered in items that really don’t need to be out every day. Clearing surfaces make cleaning easier.

Take 5 Minutes for a Quick Pickup

Every night before you go to bed, do a quick pickup of your bedroom space – or in the busiest parts of the house – to make your home feel a little more comfortable when you wake in the morning.

Implement the “One In, One Out” Rule

Don’t buy anything unless you’ve gotten rid of something to make space for it! This helps stop clutter from building up.

Keep a Donation Bin Available

One more thing you can do to clean your space for the new year – keep a donation bin available in a closet or in your garage. A donation bin will help you stay on top of getting rid of items you no longer need. When the bin gets full, take it to the donation center!

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