When it comes to cleaning, there’s a big difference between what you’re doing and what the professionals are doing. If you want that sparkling look, add these seven tasks to your cleaning checklist.

1. Window tracks

Window tracks pick up a lot of dirt and debris, yet people often forget to clean them. If you open up your window and find black dirt, it’s past time to clean. Loosen stuck dirt with a scrub brush, then rinse off the gunk with a rag dipped in soapy water.

2. Baseboards

A vacuum is a helpful first start for keeping the baseboards clean, but if yours are grimy, you’ll want to follow up with a mix of warm water and soap.

3. Utensil drawer

Your utensil drawer is one of the most commonly touched places in the kitchen, but it’s hardly ever cleaned. Pull out the tray, remove the utensils, and wash and wipe the tray to prevent germs and bacteria.

4. Behind your appliances

No one cleans behind their appliances. But you might want to do it once or twice a year because they can get pretty grimy otherwise. Use a vacuum with a nozzle attachment to vanquish dust bunnies from behind your fridge. For the oven, spray the backsplash with a cleaner to prevent grease from building up.

5. Back of toilet

If you’ve never cleaned the back of the toilet, where it attaches to the wall, you’re not alone. If you have boys, there may be pee stains back there from times they’ve missed the mark. Over time, this can give the bathroom a bad smell. A tile scrubber will remove stuck-on stains.

6. Inside of trash cans

Trash cans develop bacteria whenever debris falls out of the trash bag. If you don’t clean the inside of the trash can now and then, mold and mildew can set in. Take the trash can outside, wash it out with a hose, and spray it with a disinfectant.

7. Garbage disposal

If you never clean your garbage disposal, it will take on a smell from leftover bits of food. Grinding a half a lemon will deodorize your garbage disposal, as will putting a baking soda paste in the disposal and grinding it up.

If you don’t have the time to give your home the attention it deserves, reach out today to get an estimate.