Delegating household chores can be a challenge, especially if members of your household are reluctant to help with the cleaning. Fortunately, there are many tricks you can use to make household chores more palatable. This will help you keep a beautiful house, and also help other members of your family assume roles as valuable contributors to their household.

Avoid Sharing Chores

When you’re delegating household chores, avoid giving two people the same chore. Assigning overlapping chores can create confusion, and may lead to arguments. If multiple people want to do the same chore, rotate responsibility monthly or quarterly to ensure that they know when they’re responsible for doing that chore.

What Would They Be Good At?

As you’re assigning chores to people, ask yourself what each member of your household would be good at. Consider their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure the chores are age-appropriate too! Small children can help, but only in limited ways.

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

Make a schedule that everyone can see. Set up the schedule in a location where it is visible to everyone in the household. Make the goal of the cleaning schedule clear, so that everyone knows why this is happening and what their role is in the schedule.

Be Flexible

Just because you’ve set up a cleaning schedule doesn’t mean that everyone will always be able to do their part. Be flexible enough that members of your household can attend to other commitments first, if they need to. They may need to switch responsibilities with other members of their household on days when they’re too busy – or maybe put off their chores until the following day.

Set Realistic Expectations

Be realistic about your expectations for the members of your household. This is especially important with roommates and not family. Setting realistic expectations ensures that everyone is set up for success, and also prevents arguments in your home.

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