Are your kids home for the summer? If so, they’re probably spending a lot of time in the house making messes! This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved in chores, especially if they’re making messes in their rooms and other parts of the house. There are many things you can do to get your kids involved in cleaning up and taking responsibility for their own things.

Start Small, Build Up

Start by showing your children small ways that they can clean their room and other parts of the house. As your kids get older and better at cleaning up their own messes, you can show them more complex household chores.

Sing Cleaning Songs

Cleaning songs are a great way to get your kids in the mood and keep them engaged while they clean up. Let them pick the songs while they pick up toys and perform other chores.

Create a Cleaning Routine

Children thrive on routines. Have your kids clean up at a specific time of each day, so they’ll know what to expect. Creating a cleaning routine reduces conflict. Once kids know what to expect, they’re less likely to argue and more likely to get the work done.

Establish Clear Organization

Create a place for everything that needs to be put away, so your kids will know where things go. This prevents small items from getting shoved into places where they’ll never be found and prevents clutter from building up.

Use baskets and containers for easy sorting, and put labels on those baskets to help your kids figure out what goes where. If your kids aren’t strong readers yet, you can write words and use pictures to help them determine what objects should be put in what baskets.

Congratulate Them On Their Good Work

Tell your kids they’re doing a great job when they are! Telling your kids they’re doing well helps them know that they’re on the right track, and rewards good behavior when it happens.

Using Cleaning Products? Provide Good Instructions and Oversight

If your children are old enough to use cleaning products safely, provide good instructions and clear oversight. Have them use safe, non-toxic cleaning products and keep those products separate from other cleaning products. Always watch them as they use their products, and give them clear directions.

Keep A Clean House With the Pros

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