Are you buying Christmas gifts for someone who just LOVES to clean? Then we’ve got some ideas for you! Give your loved one the gift of a clean home this holiday season. Show them you care by helping them live the tidy lifestyle they cherish! Here’s what we suggest:

Stocking Stuffers

These stocking stuffers fit easily in a stocking and they’re relatively low cost.

Dish gloves. This list of dish gloves features some tried and true dish gloves that your loved one is sure to appreciate.

Dishwasher ‘clean or dirty’ magnet. Are you constantly wondering whether the dishes in the washer are clean or dirty? Check out this magnetic indicator that answers the question!

Scrub attachment for power drill (super cool!). Deck out your power drill to do your dirty work for you! These scrub attachments are perfect for cleaning scummy areas like the shower doors and water-stained windows.

Coupon for a cleaning service. Surprise your loved one with a coupon for a cleaning service! Swept Away would be happy to help! Contact usfor an estimate.

Under the Tree

These “under the tree” gifts are a little more pricey and bigger than stocking stuffers. Here’s what we would love to get this season:

Cleaning product kit. Make cleaning easy with a cleaning bundle that includes all the cleaning products your loved one uses. Grab a mop bucket or laundry basket and fill away with all your favorite cleaning products. For natural cleaning products, check out the Grove Collaborative Cleaning Bundles for more ideas.

Robot vacuum. Seriously, nothing is cuter and more fun than a robot vacuum that drives around the house, going here and there, sucking up the dirt while you watch television. Robot vacuums come in different styles and types, including mopping vacuums, dry vacuums, and smart vacuums that you can control with your phone.

Air purifier. Improve your indoor air quality – and get rid of the dust – with an air purifier. Remember to buy an air purifier that’s fit for the size of the room where it will be stationed.

Steam cleaner. Do you have carpeting? A steam cleaner makes cleaning that carpet simple!

Label maker. Make organizing easy with a label maker. Your loved one will go nuts labeling everything!

Give the Gift of “Clean” With Service from Swept Away

Make your house the cleanest on the block – and make your loved one happy at the same time. Contact Swept Away for a quote today!