If you don’t like cleaning, you’re certainly not alone. Try these 5 life hacks to trick yourself into cleaning more in order to keep your house tidy, in a half-hour or less per day.

1. Clean in Spurts

If you hate cleaning, try setting a timer. When you know you only have 30, 20, or even 10 minutes to deep clean a room, you might start to think of it as a game. Set a timer for something that seems reasonable to you, then give yourself total permission to stop when it goes off.

2. Play Music or Listen to an Audiobook

Distraction is the name of this game. When you can distract yourself from the fact that you’re doing a chore with something that’s enjoyable, you won’t dread it as much. You might even find that you’re able to clean the whole bathroom because you’re so engrossed in a twisty murder mystery.

3. Treat Yourself

If it works for your kid, it might work for you, too. Come up with a juicy reward you will get to enjoy when you tackle a big cleaning task. If the reward is enticing enough, you’ll be inclined to do the cleaning work, so you get to enjoy a nice treat.

4. Try Something New

If you hate cleaning, you might not have the right cleaning tools. When you have the right cleaning products, gadgets, and gizmos, you don’t have to work as hard to get things looking nice. Whether it’s a robot vacuum that cleans your home while you sleep or a new cleaning product that a friend raves about, a new product might give you a new outlook on a dreaded chore.

5. Host a Party

Nothing can make messy people clean up the house quite like the fear of being judged by their friends for having an untidy house. So throw a party! Beforehand, deep clean the house, so you don’t have to worry about how your friends perceive the mess. If that’s too scary, invite one friend over – someone who won’t judge but will help you clean.

Kidding aside, if you really hate to clean it might be time to give yourself a gift – specifically, that of a cleaning service. Book an appointment with us! Your house will look good without you having to spend time doing something you don’t enjoy.