Clutter makes cleaning difficult, especially when you’re dusting and organizing. Decluttering can be a great first step to cleaning a space with ease. Maintaining a clutter-free home also makes it easier to enjoy your living space, and relax when you’re spending time in your house. Decluttering takes time, but it’s worth it! Below are five ways to approach decluttering your home.

Your Home Is Not a Storage Unit

You know what they say: in with the new, out with the old! Getting rid of old things as you accumulate new things is a good way to ensure that your home stays clear of clutter.

Don’t let old items build up in your home “just in case.” Keeping items just because you might want them someday can lead to lost time as you struggle to reorganize things and move things around. Get rid of things as you decide that you no longer need them. This will help you keep your home clutter-free.

Instill the 90/90 Rule

Clean out portions of your house occasionally. Spend time cleaning closets, under the bed, and spaces in your drawers. Ask yourself: have you used this item in the last 90 days? Will you use it again in the next 90 days? If not, it may be time to get rid of it.

Is the Item the Best, the Favorite, or Necessary?

As you’re cleaning out closets, drawers, and other spaces, ask yourself whether you have multiple versions of the same thing. If you have multiple of something, look at each item and ask, is this item the best, the favorite, or necessary?

If it doesn’t fit under these categories, then it’s time to get rid of it. This phrase is coined by Emily Ley, the founder of Simplified, a business founded on the idea that staying organized can improve your quality of life and help you find happiness.

Marie Kondo’s Method

The Marie Kondo method of controlling clutter requires you to ask yourself one thing only: does this spark joy? This very personalized method of controlling clutter can help you hang on to the things you love and want, and get rid of the things you don’t love. As you’re cleaning out your spaces, notice your internal feelings about each item you encounter. If it sparks joy, keep it.

Use the One-in-One-Out Method

Each time you bring a new item into your home, get rid of another. If you’re not ready to get rid of anything, then don’t buy anything new! Doing this can help you control costs and also can help you avoid stuff overload.

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