If you find that you always put off cleaning, it may be that you haven’t found an efficient cleaning method. Get our tips for how to clean your home efficiently, so you don’t have to spend as much time on this task.

Declutter First

When you make decluttering part of your cleanup routine, you’ll have less stuff to move around each time you clean. Pick up all miscellaneous items, such as magazines or toys. Put everything back in its place or, if you no longer want it, throw away or donate the item.

Organize All Cleaning Supplies

How many times do you have to pause what you’re doing and run downstairs to grab a cleaning product you forgot? By getting organized first, you’ll make the cleaning process more efficient. Use a large caddy to keep all cleaning supplies organized in a tote or cleaning bucket for ultimate efficiency.

Work on One Task at a Time

Rather than cleaning the whole house one room at a time, pick one task and do it throughout the home. Start by dusting every room, for example, and then go back through and clean surfaces. This actually feels quicker than going one room at a time, because it doesn’t feel like you’re starting the same task over again.

Clean in the Right Order

By doing tasks in the right order, you’ll get a better result. Dusting is recommended before vacuuming, so dust won’t resettle on freshly cleaned floors. After vacuuming, wipe the glass and mirrors with a glass cleaner.

Tackle surfaces next using a cleaning product everywhere, plus a disinfectant for high-touch surfaces. After the surfaces are clean, tackle the toilet, sinks, showers, and tub. Once the bathrooms shine, move into the kitchen to clean any remaining appliances that weren’t covered when you did the surfaces.

With everything clean, revisit any rooms that weren’t vacuumed. Sweep the floor first to remove loose debris, then mop. After you mop, wash the mop and mop bucket, as well as any other cleaning tools. Finish by putting everything back where it goes.


If there are two tasks you can be doing at the same time – multitask. You might put in a load of laundry before you vacuum the house, then switch the wash and tackle another task. This way, you’re crossing two things off the list at the same time.


Your family members benefit from a clean house, so it’s only natural that they should pitch in to keep things tidy. Consider using a chore wheel to keep things fair, or allow your kids to choose what chore they’d like to do. If you’re doing a big clean, invite friends over to help.

If you’re short on time, a cleaning company might be the solution for you. A professional cleaner will do the work efficiently, so you will enjoy a clean house with less effort. By tidying up in between professional cleaning appointments, your home will maintain that tidy feel. Trust us at Swept Away to help you along!