Fall is a time of year when it’s important to engage in certain chores. This is the time of year to clean up your garden, clean gutters and downspouts, and manage your home’s HVAC system. Have you completed all your fall chores yet?

Clean Up the Garden

Counters show dirt easily. If you get in the habit of wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters once a day, it’s amazing how much neater the whole house will look. Wipe crumbs off the surfaces with a dry cloth, then apply a cleaning product. Don’t overlook things like handles or faucets, where germs tend to congregate.

Now that your garden is finished, it’s time to clear away debris from annuals and vegetables that died earlier in the season. Cleaning up the garden helps with curb appeal and makes your home look tidy throughout the winter. Spread a little fresh mulch over the ground to lock in moisture and help restore the soil over the fall and winter. Bring in any potted plants decorating your patio before the first frost too.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Your home’s gutters are an important part of its drainage and water management system. Gutters get clogged over the course of the summer as leaves, pollen, and debris fall into them from nearby trees. To ensure that your gutters keep flowing, gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned. You can do this yourself or hire a gutter cleaning company to do the work for you. To clean your gutters, stand on a ladder and use a hand shovel to scrape out debris. Put the debris into a bucket.

Don’t try to clean the gutters yourself if you have a two-story home or if you aren’t able to do the work safely. Let the pros handle it for you!

Clean, Inspect, and Prep the Fireplace

Do you use your fireplace throughout the winter? If so, now is the time to get your fireplace cleaned. Hire a professional to get your fireplace inspected and cleaned. Make repairs to your fireplace if the chimney sweep recommends them.

Even if you didn’t use your fireplace last winter, you should clean the chimney and firebox before using them again. Bird nests and other obstructions that may be lodged in your chimney can be dangerous – so get them cleaned out.

Wash Fall Linens and Sheets

Get out those cold-weather sheets and wash them before putting them back into your regular rotation. Washing your sheets will get rid of any off-odors. You’ll love the fresh scent of your linens when you put them back on your bed!

Get Your House Professionally Cleaned Before the Holidays!

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