You’ve heard about spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Most people spend a lot more time indoors during fall and winter, so it makes sense to deep clean the house too. Start with these 8 tasks.

Wash Window Treatments

Curtains, curtain rods, shades, and blinds tend to gather dust. This impacts indoor air quality. Dust off blinds, shades, and curtain rods. Wash curtains (be sure to read instructions first), then air dry and rehang.

Declutter Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can get unruly. Go through removing anything you do not use. Take stock of pantry items and toss anything past its use-by date.

Chimney Care

If you have a fireplace, scheduling a cleaning is essential to maximize its use in the cooler months. This way, you’ll know it’s safe to use.

Deep Clean Carpets

You’re about to spend a lot more time inside–so those carpets are going to get a lot more foot traffic. Move aside all the furniture and give carpets a good vacuum in anticipation of this excess traffic. Want to go a step further? Use a carpet cleaner to give your carpets a good wash.

Disinfect the Trash Can

Trash cans get pretty gross over time. While it’s still nice enough outside to wash and dry them, give yours a good cleaning. Hose down the inside and outside of garbage cans. Then let them soak with a bleach and water solution to disinfect the interior. Air-dry cans upside down before you bring them back into the house.

Clean Oven

Given the fall and winter holidays, the oven is in high demand. Clean the oven now, before you need it. This way, the oven will be clean when you’re cooking holiday meals. Fewer spills mean less smoke builds up in the house.

Change Out Clothes

Fall is the time to put away summer clothes and take out fall and winter clothes. Go through your clothing, making piles of what to keep and what to toss or donate.

Dust baseboards, fans, furniture

Dust tends to gather around the baseboards, fan blades, and even on furniture. Since you will be spending more time indoors, you will notice this in winter. Remove it now, while you can leave the windows open to let the fresh air in.

If this sounds like a lot, you don’t have to do it on your own. To get professional help with house cleaning in the Cincinnati area and reclaim your time, contact us.