This Thanksgiving, as you’re cleaning your house to prepare for another big meal, take some time to reflect upon your favorite cleaning supplies! These eight cleaning supplies can help you prepare your house for a successful Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Multipurpose Spray

Seriously, where would you be without multipurpose spray? The great benefit of this cleaning product is its ability to be used on a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, plastic, linoleum and more. Multipurpose spray is supposed to be safe on many household surfaces, but keep it away from natural stone, glass and wood.

Cordless/Robot Vacuums

You haven’t lived until you’ve used a robot vacuum! These cute little gadgets run around the house, sweeping dust from corners and collecting all the little hairs and other dust bunnies you missed with the broom. You’ll love your robot vacuum as much for its personality as for its functionality.

Spin Mops and Buckets, Swiffers

Spin mops come in round or triangle shapes and are inserted into a special spin bucket that wrings out the mop using centrifugal force. Spin mops make it easy to clean up big spills and the messiest of kitchen floors!

Swiffers also clean floors, but in a very different way, using disposable pads that pick up superficial dirt and grime. Use the Swiffer when you want a quick, superficial cleaning, and the spin mop when you want a deep clean of your floors.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths pick up everything. They’re super absorbent, have static electricity to pick up dust bunnies, and they’re reusable. They’re the perfect rags.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaner

Keep shampoo carpet cleaner on hand for those occasional spills. Use it liberally to protect your carpet from stains.

Magic Sponges

Magic sponges really do seem to be, well, magic. They’re fantastic for cleaning a variety of surfaces from walls to the outside of your garbage can to stove tops and more.

Glass Cleaner

Never clean glass with anything but glass cleaner. You can make your own glass cleaner at home, or you can buy commercial glass cleaner from the store. Both work well!

Orange Oil Wood Cleaner

This Thanksgiving, clean your wooden dining room table with orange oil wood cleaner. It conditions and removes dirt and dust while locking in moisture on your wood table.

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