You’ve heard about spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? Add these five tasks to your prep list to get your home in order for summer.

1. Dust ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help cool the home. If you haven’t dusted yours off, they’ll blow dust around each time you turn them on. Dust fan blades then double-check that the blades are mounted in the right direction, so they push air down when they operate.

2. Clean the refrigerator

Clean out the refrigerator when summer sets in, because you’ll want to have room for all the fresh produce and barbecue leftovers that come along with summer weather. Working one shelf at a time, take everything out. Wash the shelves. Toss anything that has passed its expiration date. Put food back in the fridge, then move on to the next shelf.

3. Sweep outdoor patios and decks

Most people spend a lot of time outside during the summer, so it’s helpful to start off with clean patios and decks. Sweep dust and debris off the porch. Pay attention to any porch furniture, planters, window boxes, and other elements on the porch.

4. Clean the grill

If you take the time to clean up the grill at the beginning of the summer, you’ll be all ready for summer grill nights. To clean a propane grill, turn it on and let the grill grates get hot. Scrub them with a block of pumice, which safely removes char from the grill grates. Since metal brushes can break off, avoid using those when cleaning a grill.

5. Organize the garage

If you’re like most people, you store patio furniture, grills, sports equipment, and other things in the garage. After you set up your porch furniture and grill for the summer, take some time to sort and organize the garage, so you can access everything you need. Make sure that you can access your lawnmower, garden tools, and other equipment that will help you take care of your house. Organize any sports equipment for easy access, so you can make the most of the nice summer weather.

Set some time aside this weekend to work through these tasks and set yourself up for a nice summer, or consider bringing on a house cleaner who can tackle these items for you. To get your estimate for cleaning services, contact us.