The way you do laundry can dramatically impact the way your clothing looks and holds up. There’s definitely a “right way” to keep your clothes clean. Using best practices to keep your laundry in good condition can make doing your laundry a more rewarding and productive experience. Here’s what you need to know.


It’s important to have fun while you’re doing laundry, especially if you have to do it a lot! The more you enjoy the task, the easier it will be to take your time and do laundry the right way. Take time to multitask while doing your laundry by listening to music, a podcast, or an audiobook.

Use a Laundry Rack

Putting delicates into the dryer can lead to premature damage. Use a laundry rack to air dry delicates. Put your laundry rack in a location where it gets good air circulation – maybe in front of a vent or window. If your utility room doesn’t get good circulation, then consider hanging your delicates outside or putting the rack someplace that your clothes will dry quickly.

Be Mindful of the Water Temp and Spin Cycle

Water temperature makes a big difference in the way your clothes handle the laundering process. Use cold water settings for dark colors, items that could easily shrink, and delicate items. Use warm water for soiled clothing and synthetic fabrics, and hot water for whites made of cotton, bedding, towels, and heavily stained items that can withstand hot water. Before starting the laundry, check the spin cycle to match it to the type of clothing or material that you’re cleaning. Always check the tags before washing anything.

Sort Your Clothes Correctly

Sort your darks and lights or whites into two separate piles, to avoid color bleeding. Watch out for those red socks that can get lost in light-colored sheets and towels.

Reduce Wrinkles for Less Ironing

Ironing can be time-consuming, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend ironing by using fabric softener and a low dryer temperature. Take clothes out of the dryer immediately to hang them or fold them.

Soften Your Water

Hard water causes minerals to build up in your laundry, leading to discoloration, dull or soiled-looking clothing, and scratchy towels. Install a whole home water softener to eliminate some of these problems.

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