With the kids being home full-time, summer can be a challenging time for parents. Of course, sending the kids back to school can be just as challenging, if not more so. Getting organized and preparing for a new routine can make the transition back to school easier. Here’s what you can do to set your children and yourself up for success.

Organize Kids’ Bedrooms and Closets

Once the school year starts, your kids need to be able to find their clothes, backpack, and homework quickly and easily as they get ready for school. A messy closet or a messy bedroom can lead to delays in the morning, and that causes stress for everyone! Take the next couple of weeks to organize your kids’ bedrooms and closets.

  • Use baskets to combine like-items into the same location. Label the baskets accordingly.
  • Declutter the closet. Sort through old clothes and get rid of any that are too small or stained.
  • Take inventory that your child has enough hangers to hang their clothes. Make sure every item of clothing has its place.
  • Clean the bedroom really well, including under the bed, under toy chests, and behind bookshelves.

Create Conducive Study Spaces

Give your child someplace calm and quiet to study. This is especially important for older kids. Do they have a desk where they can do work? If not, make a nook in their bedroom or in another room of the house where they can complete homework assignments and crafts.

Make a Plan for Packing Lunches

Get your pantry organized for the lunch-making that you’ll be doing throughout the year. Line up the sandwich bags, snacks, and juice boxes all in one location so they’re easy to grab when the time comes.

Create a Chore Schedule

Keep your kids on task by making a chore schedule. This way, they’ll know what’s expected of them each day and can plan their homework and social life around their chore schedule. If your child is too busy with extracurricular activities to keep up with household chores, consider getting help with the chores from a professional.

Contact Get Swept Away

The school year can be hectic for everyone. If you’re anticipating a busy schedule this school year, hire a cleaning company to take care of household chores. Get Swept Away can help. Contact us today to get a free quote.