Winter is a great time for house cleaning, but some house chores are better done in winter than others. Here are four chores to complete this winter:

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Winter is a time when de-icing chemicals get dragged indoors on boots and shoes, and then become lodged in the carpeting. Dirty snow and ice also stain carpeted areas at this time of year.
The carpeting around your front and back doors will be especially bad, but all parts of your house are vulnerable to this type of damage. To get rid of the problem, deep clean your carpets at least once in the winter, and more times if needed.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

Replace your smoke detector batteries around the first of the year, to ensure that the batteries are fresh for the new year. When checking the batteries, find the expiration date on the smoke detectors. Replace all smoke detectors that are more than 10 years old. For those devices that are less than 10 years old use a vacuum attachment to clean vents and openings to keep the smoke detector working properly.

Clean Your Fans and Vents

Ceiling fans pick up a lot of dirt over the course of the summer. To clean your ceiling fans, enclose each blade of the van in an old pillowcase, then use the pillowcase to scrape off the dust that’s built up on the fan. Next, use a vacuum attachment to remove any remaining dust bunnies.
To clean your vents, remove the register covers and put them in the dishwasher, or clean them in your sink. Tape paper towels to the open registers to prevent dust from the vent system from entering your home. Finally, use a vacuum attachment to suck out any dust that you can reach from each vent. Remove the paper towels (using them to wipe away any remaining dust) then replace the vent covers on the open registers.

Take Note of Items in Your Pantry and Freezers

Your pantry may have some old food items that need to be discarded inside. Check expiration dates on foods and throw away anything that has gone past its date. Do the same in your freezer.

Contact Swept Away

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