A lot of people look at being stuck indoors as a bad thing – but you can turn that tide by viewing time indoors as a built-in time to be productive. Spring is a time of year when the weather can change quickly. Next time you find yourself stuck indoors because of an unexpected rain shower, take the time to do something productive! Here are a few ways to spend your time productively:

1. Review Your Budget, Set a Savings Goal

When was the last time you spent too much money without meaning to? If it was recently, then you need a budget! Assess how much money you make monthly, decide how much you can afford to spend on necessities and entertainment, then set a savings goal.

2. Meal Prep

Make your meals for the rest of the week! Preparing meals in advance saves time on busy work nights, and reduces stress.

3. Organize a Section of Your Home

Choose one section of your house that’s too messy, then organize it. Choose a small section – getting organized can take more time than you think! If you have leftover time when you’re done, you can tackle another section.

4. Declutter Your Closet

Closets are famous for accumulating clutter. The more clutter in your closet, the harder it is to find what you need when you need it. Decluttering is a way of getting rid of those things you don’t need, so you can find the things you do need!

5. Read a Book

Do you have a shelf of books that you’ve never read but always meant to? This is the perfect opportunity to curl up with a book and enjoy yourself. Make a cup of hot cocoa or a cup of tea, and pick a book that looks especially compelling.

6. Work On a Side Hustle

Did budgeting reveal that you need to make some more money? This may be the perfect opportunity to decide what your side hustle should be.

There are many opportunities for people who want to make money in addition to their normal full-time jobs. You may decide to pursue freelance writing, ridesharing, selling crafts, or something else. Take this time to start planning and organizing your new business.

7. Catch Up on Emails

You meant to write back your dad when he emailed you last – or maybe you’ve got some work emails to catch up on. Sit down at your computer, drink a nice hot drink, and have fun!

8. Tackle One Deep Clean Area

Deep clean your kitchen, bathroom, or another room of the house that really needs it. Once you’ve deep cleaned something, you’d be amazed at how good you feel!

9. Catch Up on Sleep

Are you tired? Take a nap! If you have a hard time sleeping during the day, take some time to relax before taking your nap. Have a bath or shower then lay down in the bed.

10. Schedule Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Maybe you’ve been meaning to schedule a doctor’s appointment, or perhaps you’ve been meaning to schedule home maintenance services for your home.

You may even have been considering scheduling a service to clean your house. Swept Away offers free house cleaning estimates. Contact us today to set up your free estimate!